How Sharesell Works

3 min readJun 11, 2023


“Make 50k every week”, the flier on the wall said, and seemed easy on first look, but nobody tells you that you have to pay 30% of it to someone, work inhumane hours, sell your kidney, part of your liver, your cousin’s left thumb, and your eyebrows of a certain length.

These little clauses cut people off, and exclude them from making a living within their means. This is why we’ve been thinking about what creating sustainable wealth opportunities for everyone would look like.

And so we started Sharesell.

Sharesell is a digital marketplace that connects suppliers with thousands of resellers. Now wholesalers can get their very own army of resellers without having to manage or interact with the extra hands.

And for resellers, Sharesell offers them an easy way to do business and make money with zero upfront capital. They don’t have to go through the hassle of sourcing for suppliers or even worrying about the logistics of delivery. We’ve solved that already.

All anyone has to do is find a listed product, add their commission to its original selling price, share the link with their audience, and get paid the commission when the product is delivered.

With Sharesell, the promise is simple: an easy way to manage inventory for suppliers, door-to-door delivery services handled end to end for suppliers and resellers, as well as the best quality guarantee for buyers.

Sharesell is for Uzor, the Nigerian student going back to school after the 8-month strike, and needs additional income to support himself and Ifeoma, his little sister who thinks money grows on trees. Well, they would if he used Sharesell.

Sharesell is for Mr. Sunday, your Bolt rider who realizes that time is his most valuable resource and that he has to make extra income if he would pay off his hire purchase on time. So in the middle of his rides, he sources cool products from top suppliers on Sharesell, shares on his WhatsApp stories, and watches the payments come in.

This is for Madam Lola who sells aso-oke in Obalende. Business has been slow, the competition is growing, and she needs to sell more to keep the lights on. She lists her products on Sharesell, and sits back as delivery riders come to pick off her items one after the other.

Ease and Speed; this is the magic of Sharesell for Suppliers and Resellers. Sharesell is creating opportunities for millions of Nigerians to do business without the complexities of inventory or logistics. We’ve built an easy payment and logistics system that makes everyone go to bed confidently.

Our bigger mission is enabling commerce in Africa, connecting suppliers with thousands of resellers, and resellers with a robust array of products they can sell at no upfront cost to them.

You can make money without stress.

Earn more, sell faster.

Get started at, Suppliers and Resellers are welcome!




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